A nice, clean office desk with an Apple monitor, keyboard, mouse and iPhone.

Tools, Links and References for WordPress Professionals

My primary development tool is a narcoleptic 2011 Macbook Pro. It works hard, but those old bones just don’t function like they used to. Recently, after completing a fresh install of the OS, I was transferring my favorites from a backup and it occurred to me that I have a rather large collection of WordPress…

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A couple site on a park bench looking out over San Francisco Bay.

Hit Pause and Take a Break

Yesterday, I had to just walk away from my desk at least three times. I was struggling with an issue on a client site, befuddled by a membership solution for our startup and stressing about a proposal I submitted last week. I kept digging and tweaking and poking and cutting and pasting and reading and…

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A beautiful teenage girl smiles at the camera while standing on the beach.

2015 in the Rearview

There’s this saying about not being able to shine a turd. Well, it’s true. I would love to reflect and highlight the positive, but if nothing else, this year has reminded me that sometimes you just have to accept things as they happen, adapt and move forward. It’s difficult looking back to identify many positive events from…

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A demo image of a grid layout.

Just Another Sassy Grid

There are a LOT of grid systems out there. I’ve used and abused quite a few of them, but have always found them to be too verbose or too limited or just a PITA to use. In the past I think the only system I used for more than a single project was Chris Coyier’s…

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A screenshot of the Sublime Text code editor.

My Sublime Text Setup

Update (01/20/2015): I forgot to include one of my favorites Hayaku. I’ve also quit using Bracket Highlighter (found it a bit annoying) and Color Picker (it’s hard to beat Frank). I’ve been on the Sublime Text bandwagon for a while, but have put off upgrading to version 3 until this week. In the process of…

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An assortment of swag from WordCamp DFW 2014.

WordCamp DFW and clicking publish.

So, WordCamp DFW just wrapped up! It was my first WordCamp and I’ve gotta say it was pretty dang inspiring. I’ve been to a few other design conferences and while the production may have been bit more extravagant, they had nothing on the genuine enthusiasm for community that I felt at WordCamp. Cory Miller‘s keynote,…

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