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Hide Gravity Forms Field Labels

If you’re like me you like simple forms and one thing I find myself doing over and over is visually hiding the labels on form fields in lieu of placeholders.

I also find myself working with Gravity Forms quite often and have always found it a bit annoying to hide the field labels. Luckily, the folks at Gravity Forms recognized this and added a nifty filter to help with hiding the labels.

Now, this filter has been around since version 1.9 and it’s typically recommended to add it to your functions.php which is simple enough, but this always kinda irks me. It’s one of those things where I think functionality is colliding with the presentation layer. I could also add it to a core plugin which is what I have done for the last 3 years. In fact, it’s in my core functions plugin template, but this doesn’t help anybody who isn’t a developer or is uncomfortable even looking at the functions.php.

So I took the bull by the horns. I fought the good fight. I walked the hard road and crawled through the dredges. I lif… well, you get the picture.

I wrote a plugin with a single line of code and submitted it to the repo.

Now, when you need to hide those pesky Gravity Forms labels just click Add New and search for “Hide Gravity Form Labels“.

Hide Gravity Form Labels

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