2017 Year in Review

an image of text on the ground that reads "Passion led us here"

Like so many others, December not only rings in the holidays and a new year, but it is also a time of reflection. 2017 was a really full year for me. It’s been a year of personal transformation and I’m entering the new year feeling like I’m on the cusp of a deep transition in…

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CaboPress: WordPress Conference Nirvana

CaboPress: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Last week, my wife Sheryle and I had the privilege to attend CaboPress, a WordPress mastermind retreat organized by Chris & Melissa Lema. It really was an amazing week and the most impactful WordPress event I’ve attended to date. I wasn’t sure how the week would play out. I’m extremely introverted, struggle with social anxiety and…

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Hit Pause and Take a Break

A couple site on a park bench looking out over San Francisco Bay.

Yesterday, I had to just walk away from my desk at least three times. I was struggling with an issue on a client site, befuddled by a membership solution for our startup and stressing about a proposal I submitted last week. I kept digging and tweaking and poking and cutting and pasting and reading and…

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2015 in the Rearview

A beautiful teenage girl smiles at the camera while standing on the beach.

There’s this saying about not being able to shine a turd. Well, it’s true. I would love to reflect and highlight the positive, but if nothing else, this year has reminded me that sometimes you just have to accept things as they happen, adapt and move forward. It’s difficult looking back to identify many positive events from…

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