Tools, Links and References for WordPress Professionals

A nice, clean office desk with an Apple monitor, keyboard, mouse and iPhone.

My primary development tool is a narcoleptic 2011 Macbook Pro. It works hard, but those old bones just don’t function like they used to. Recently, after completing a fresh install of the OS, I was transferring my favorites from a backup and it occurred to me that I have a rather large collection of WordPress…

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Just Another Sassy Grid

A demo image of a grid layout.

There are a LOT of grid systems out there. I’ve used and abused quite a few of them, but have always found them to be too verbose or too limited or just a PITA to use. In the past I think the only system I used for more than a single project was Chris Coyier’s…

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My Sublime Text Setup

A screenshot of the Sublime Text code editor.

Update (01/20/2015): I forgot to include one of my favorites Hayaku. I’ve also quit using Bracket Highlighter (found it a bit annoying) and Color Picker (it’s hard to beat Frank). I’ve been on the Sublime Text bandwagon for a while, but have put off upgrading to version 3 until this week. In the process of…

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